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Due to the damaging effects that refrigerants have on Climate Change, manufacturers have replaced the existing R134a Refrigerant with a more environmentally friendly refrigerant known as R1234yf.

At the moment, the new R1234yf Refrigerant is very expensive when compared with R134a and there are also concerns with the flammability levels in certain concentrations.

  • Existing recovery and service equipment is not suitable for use with the new R1234yf refrigerant and should therefore not be used. 
  • At present specialist equipment is required by service engineers and the refrigerant must be analysed before being recovered into the service equipment. 
  • Failure to do so may potentially spread the contaminated waste refrigerant to any other vehicle that is connected to the service equipment and may possibly result in some very expensive repair costs for the customer.

R134a (old type gas) - Full Re-gas Service

(upto 600 grams)
£ 75 + £1 for every additional 10 grams

R1234yf (new type gas) Full Re-gas Service

(upto 600 grams)

Electric and Hybrid vehicle Full Re-gas service for R134a (old type gas)

(up to 600grams)
£ 75

Electric and Hybrid vehicle Full Re-gas service for R1234yf (new type of gas)

(up to 600 grams)
£ 120
  • A call out of £30 will be charged if the air conditioning system was diagnosed with a fault which a re-gas won’t help, strictly to cover expenses incurred, initial oxygen-free nitrogen(ofn) pressure test, fuel costs etc. (Payable only when no further investigation is required)
  • If you wish for further investigation a charge of £55 per hour (minimum charge £55) will be made payable for diagnosing the fault within the A/C system (The first hour starts from initial ofn pressure test and most faults are readily identified within 1 hour)
  • For repairs or part changing/replacement please ask for quotation!

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