Re-gas & Service Procedures

  • Check Pressures
  • Analyse Refrigerant
  • Recover/Remove refrigerant from the system
  • Leak testing with Oxygen-free Nitrogen
  • 20-30 minutes minimum Evacuate (deep vacuum) the system to remove all moisture (can be longer, depends how much moisture is within your system)
  • System Recharge (re-gas) as per manufacturers specifications
  • Replace PAG oils as required
  • Ultra Violet leak detection Dye (only if necessary) 
  • Test high and low pressures
  • Test temperature at the air vents

The A/C Service takes approximately 1 hour to complete, anything less is not sufficient!

Leak testing is the most important part of the service.

It is against the LAW and bad practice to recharge/re-gas the system with a leak present.